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COVID-19: PM confirms face masks are becoming ‘personal choice’ – but calls are increasing to maintain legal obligation in public transport | UK News

People will no longer be legally required to wear face masks in any setting, Boris Johnson announced.

The prime minister confirmed that all face covering laws will be repealed in step four of the government’s roadmap, when all remaining restrictions are expected to be lifted, and that wearing a mask from then on. moment will become “a personal choice”.

This means that it will no longer be mandatory for individuals to wear masks in stores or when entering a bar or restaurant.

Mr Johnson said the government would end the ‘legal requirement to wear a face covering’, but added: ‘There will be advice on where you might choose to do it – especially when cases increase and when you enter in contact with people you do not know usually meet in confined spaces, such as obviously crowded public transport. “

When asked where and when he would continue to wear a mask, the Prime Minister said: “It will depend on the circumstances. There is clearly a big difference between traveling on a crowded subway train and sitting down late at night. in a virtually empty car on the main rail line.

“We want people to take personal responsibility, but let’s not forget the value of face coverings to protect themselves and others.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a press briefing in Downing Street, London, on the coronavirus (Covid-19).  Photo date: Monday, June 14, 2021.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing calls to maintain the mandatory wearing of face masks in some settings.

Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, said there were three situations in which he would not hesitate to continue to wear a mask:

• Any situation indoors and overcrowded or indoors and near other people

• If required to do so by “any competent authority”

• What if “someone else was uncomfortable if I didn’t wear a mask, out of courtesy”

Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Science Advisor, added: “Masks are the most effective in preventing someone …

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