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Business Reporter – UK Power Networks: “Hidden heroes keep the power of 8.3 million customers”

Basil Scarsella, Managing Director, UK Power Networks

As the largest electricity distributor in the country, UK Power Networks keeps communities running smoothly. The company supplies electricity to 8.3 million homes and businesses across London, the East and the South East – and a safe and reliable supply of electricity has never been more important to people that since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, leading many to move their work and school life home.

Most people don’t need to know who their network operator is because it works 24/7 to keep lights, internet, phones, TVs, and computers powered. But UK Power Networks is there when it’s needed – to fix a power outage, install a new connection, help support vulnerable customers and prepare the network for the future.

The world of energy is changing rapidly, as the UK’s transition to a net zero economy revolutionizes the way electricity is produced, distributed and consumed. The energy systems that families, communities and businesses will experience by 2030 will be very different from what exists today.

Work to meet changing and future customer needs is well advanced as UK Power Networks expands its key role from simply providing electricity from the national grid to local customers to running a smart and flexible system. Increasingly, energy is produced locally and fed into grids, rather than coming from large power plants that run on fossil fuels. This is helping to decarbonize the energy mix, and for consumers, UK Power Networks is also playing a key role in delivering cleaner technologies such as the adoption of electric vehicles and the switch to electric heating.

The company strives to ensure that no one is left behind on this journey. It is ranked first in the Global Smart Grid Index for its work in transforming power grids, and is also always looking to the future to train apprentices and other skilled personnel to build future careers.

Customers rate its customer service at over nine out of 10 – that’s from independent surveys of people who have experienced a problem with their diet. It also offers tailor-made support for vulnerable customers during power cuts or in the event of fuel poverty.

The ten-year-old company has a clear public focus in providing power supplies, and a strong track record in safety and reliability – as well as a strong sense of social responsibility, repeatedly going beyond- beyond what people usually expect from a utility company.

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