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Javid Examines ‘Possible Solutions’ For People Asked To Self-Isolate By COVID App, Says Sunak | Politics News

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is considering a “proper, balanced and proportionate” approach to self-isolation when people are “flagged” by the NHS enforcement, Rishi Sunak said.

The Chancellor told Sky News he had spoken to Mr Javid about “the frustration” people have with the testing and tracing system, following reports that many people are removing the app before the easing date planned by the government for July 19 for fear of being contacted.

It happens that on Wednesday, for the first time since January, more than 32,000 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the daily figures.

The number of infections is expected to rise further as the remaining restrictions are removed later this month.

Mr Sunak added that the Health Secretary was “aware” of concerns about the operation of the app and suggested that he “looked” for possible solutions.

“I have spoken to the Secretary of Health about it and he is aware of the frustration people have over it,” Sunak told Sky News.

“We have two different systems for testing and traceability: we obviously have the NHS, and we also have the app. I know most people are worried about how the app works and the Secretary of Health is aware of that.

“The app counts for the majority of people who need to self-isolate, I understand, on the numbers and it looks for what is the most appropriate, balanced and proportionate approach to seclusion under these circumstances.”

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