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Are you spending too much time on payroll? Find out how you can work smarter and faster with BrightPay

Every business needs payroll. Whether you run a small cafe or a large business with hundreds of employees, your employees need to be paid. But the important question to ask yourself is: are you spending too much time on payroll?

When it comes to payroll, automation is key. Not having the right tools to simplify and streamline the process can lead to a long and expensive chore that you dread every pay period. But what if it is not? By introducing the right tools, you can enjoy fast and easy payroll that you hardly think about.

So how do you choose the best software? The key is to find out what options are available and then explore if they can make your life easier.

Let’s take a look at four key things to consider when determining the best payroll system for your business to have fast and easy payroll:

  • Integration with other systems
  • Simple payment workflows
  • Online / mobile hub for employees
  • Payroll entry collaboration

Integration with other systems

To reduce the time you spend on payroll tasks, it’s important to use a system that can communicate and send information directly to other systems, such as accounting software and pension providers.

This means that instead of using your payroll software to process payroll, then log into your retirement portal to download automatic enrollment files, and your accounting software to manually add payroll journals, you can initiate the instant payroll information flow directly from the payroll. Software.

The need to manually export and import files, or even manually re-enter payroll data across multiple systems, is instantly eliminated. Processing times will be much faster as you will be able to submit data with just a few clicks.

Simple payment workflows

One of the most recent advancements in payroll is the ability to simplify payment workflows. Some payroll systems, such as BrightPay, allow you to pay employees, contractors, and HMRC through an integrated payment solution. This eliminates the need for separate bank files and all associated administrators that accompany payments; giving you a fast, connected and convenient way to pay your employees instantly. Plus, you can schedule payments to HMRC in advance so you never miss a deadline again.

Online / mobile hub for employees

Another way to reduce your workload is to introduce a self-service online portal for employees, allowing easy access to payroll and HR information, anywhere, anytime. With a smartphone and tablet app, such as BrightPay Connect, employees can access a library of payslips, view their leave entitlements and schedules, request time off, and access HR documents, all without having to contact staff. HR.

By introducing an employee app, employees can do much of the heavy administrative work on their own, rather than coming to you, for example, to get copies of lost payslips or number inquiries. of remaining annual leave.

Payroll entry collaboration

What better way to spend less time on something than to delegate some responsibilities to others. By bringing collaboration into payroll and HR processes, you can free up valuable time to spend on other tasks that really require your attention.

Whether you are an in-house payroll company or an accountant handling payroll for multiple clients, your payroll software should allow you to introduce collaboration into the payroll process. For example, with BrightPay Connect, you can allow managers to upload their department’s employee hours and notify you of any fresh starts through their own secure online portal. The information entered by the user automatically syncs with the payroll software on your desktop, ready for you to complete the payroll process.

It is also worth giving these managers control over the annual leave of their employees. Managers are likely to have a much better understanding of their project timelines and deadlines than payroll and HR. By allowing these managers to have control over leave requests, they can better manage the planning and workload of their team.

BrightPay – the best in the business

If you’re looking for a platform that meets all of your payroll software needs, we think BrightPay should be high on your review list.

BrightPay is award winning payroll software that makes payroll management fast and easy. BrightPay automates many daily payroll tasks and includes integration with other systems such as accounting software, pension plans, and payment platforms. BrightPay Connect is an optional cloud add-on with self-service online portals for employers and employees, further streamlining the payroll process.

Visit the BrightPay website or book a demo today to find out how you can turn payroll into the quick and easy process it can and should be.

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