Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2021: our star cars Car News

The old Evora was an absolutely exceptional car for driving and handling, but it was still too difficult to use – with staggered pedals, wide thresholds, hard-to-see dials and fragile interior elements. Besides, it looked weird. If the new Emira puts those bad sides behind it but retains its dynamic excellence, that will be quite something. Matt Prior

Kimea EVO37

Restomods really are restomods, and we see a lot of them these days. But even if you’ve become oblivious to the succession of upgraded and updated automotive legends, surely the Kimera EVO37 is exciting enough to rekindle your interest? True enough to the original Lancia 037 to appeal to purists, but with barely believable 498 hp from its rally four turbo and a proper, no-frills cockpit, this is the ultra-exclusive rally special to beat them. all of them, and we can’t wait to try. Felix Page

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