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Face masks will still have to be worn in certain public places in Wales – in violation of English rules | UK News

Face masks will remain mandatory in some public places in Wales until COVID-19 is no longer a threat to public health, the Welsh government has said.

The decision in Wales contrasts with that in England, where legal obligations to wear masks are expected to end once the country reaches stage 4 of the lockdown roadmap on July 19.

A final decision on England’s exit from the restrictions is expected to be made on Monday.

In Wales, masks must still be worn in taxis, trains and buses, as well as in health and social care facilities when restrictions on coronaviruses are relaxed, the Welsh government has said.

He added that “further consideration” is underway as to whether they will still be required by law in other contexts, such as retail.

Mark Drakeford says the vaccination program in Wales will
Mark Drakeford says virus “certainly hasn’t gone away”

Prime Minister Marc Drakeford said: “We will need everyone’s help to keep the coronavirus under control as we continue to respond to the pandemic – this virus has certainly not gone away.

“We know that many people are still worried and anxious about going out. We will maintain the requirement to wear face coverings in certain places – in public transport and in health and social care facilities, and ‘others if necessary – to help keep us safe. “

The government said scientific evidence supports the use of face coverings as a way to reduce transmission of the virus.

He said they were “particularly useful” in overcrowded and poorly ventilated indoor areas.

Mr Drakeford is due to make a statement on Wednesday outlining more details on the new zero alert level for Wales.

The country is currently on Alert Level One and face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public places.

On Friday it was announced that face coverings will not be routinely recommended in classrooms in Wales from September.

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