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Italy erupts against England as fans caught spitting and tearing the “What’s your problem ?!” flag. | United Kingdom | New UK News

Italian fans took to Twitter to lash out at England fans for spitting on their flag and trying to set it on fire. Images emerged showing a group of English fans hours before the kickoff of Euro2020 trying to burn the Italian flag, with a member of the group shouting “F **** ng burn it!” As attempts to light the fabric failed, another fan could be seen spitting on the Italian flag as another repeatedly stepped on it.

Italian fans were raging after the video was released, with one writing on Twitter: “What about those English fans who started spitting and stomping on the Italian flag?

“I’m disgusted, tell me the meaning of doing such a thing.”

Another wrote: “I see the worst on TV: naked guys, ‘fans’ going through security gates into Wembley, the Italian flag trampled, vandalism and brawls.

“I am disgusted. This is not to applaud.”

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An Italian supporter said: “Brits, welcome to the Italian blacklist along with the French and the Germans.

“They throw firecrackers, boo the hymns of their opponents, crush our flag with their feet. Disrespectful, you are beasts not men.”

And one of them said, “Spitting on your opponent’s flag … what’s your fucking problem ?!

Another added: “I saw a video where the British walk on the Italian flag. The English take advantage of your gray skies and swim in the English Channel, and dare not take a vacation in Italy.

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Leicester Square fans were seen throwing bottles and cones and the area was littered with trash.

Fans have been urged to stay safe and take care of each other.

Police said there had been people “jumping off streetlights or traffic signs” and warned that “it could easily lead to injury.”

Huge crowds of people partied outside the stadium and across London throughout the day, proudly sporting the team colors and draped in English flags.

But some rowdy supporters even climbed to the top of a bus outside Wembley, while others outside King’s Cross station in the capital gave off red and white smoke as the build-up .

British Transport Police said there had been “multiple cases of flares being set off near train stations” in the capital and warned that “these incidents are offenses and will be investigated”.

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