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A TINY kitten was saved by a firefight after traveling 40 miles under a car hood.

The nine-week-old kitty had been traveling for over an hour from Uckfield to Pulborough when the driver of the car heard meowing under the hood.

Billingshurst firefighters were called in to find the cause of the mysterious meow shortly before noon yesterday, and reacted quickly when the mischievous moggy attempted to escape into a nearby hedge.

Billingshurst Fire Station Guard Commander Brian Cook said: “When the lady got out of her car there was no doubt that there was something in the hood of the car that he shouldn’t be.

“Not being able to see anything below, she called for help. When we got there we couldn’t see any sign of anything under the hood, but we could certainly hear the little one. fellow.

“We managed to create some space under the engine and this little black kitten came out.

“He was so surprised by his newfound freedom that he threw himself completely out of the engine bay and headed straight for a nearby hedge.

Fortunately, the crew were able to locate him in the undergrowth using one of the thermal cameras on the fire truck, but getting him out proved more difficult.

“Team leader Andrew Buddle then came up with the idea to put out a YouTube video of a mother cat meowing, which attracted him and we were able to catch him before he could continue. ”

The crew have taken the kitten to the Arun Vet Group in Storrington, where it will be examined and efforts will be made to reunite it with its owner.

Brian said: “Being only nine weeks old, the kitten does not have a microchip, so it will be difficult to identify its original owner.

“But this already very lucky kitten need not worry, because her unwitting driver has already said that if her owner cannot be found, she will gladly provide him with a new home.”

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