Confidential coach: the advantage of the Hydrogen range, Ferrari does not copy and more Car News

In this week’s auto gossip roundup, we learn how hydrogen has reach and may soon have a grid, and why Ferrari is so original and so much more.

The advantage of the hydrogen range

Hydrogen fuel cells powering commercial vehicles are inevitable, and there is no chicken-and-egg problem between the trucks and their supporting infrastructure, according to Lars Stenqvist, Volvo Group technical manager. He said: “One of the advantages of hydrogen is autonomy, so the challenge of building a network is not that scary. By 2025 there will be 300 to 500 stations, and by 2030 there will be 1000, which will be enough to get started.

Ferrari engine coincidence

The V6 in Ferrari’s new 296 GTB has the same bore and stroke as the V6 in the Maserati MC20, but CTO Michael Leiters is adamant that the two are not related. “Ferrari does not copy anyone and take nothing from others,” he said. “This shot has been typical of Ferrari for years, and we haven’t had the need to collaborate on something like it.”

Stellantis looks to the future

UK new car production remains more than 50% below pre-pandemic levels, but Stellantis UK boss Alison Jones is focused on the future and not quickly restoring production rates. “The priority is to grow our business in a way that works for our customers and our network of retailers,” she said. “We talked about the technology we need to reach our economic position by selling vehicles from 2030 that are zero emissions or plug-in hybrids, and that’s our priority.”

Fuel from Koenigsegg volcano

Koenigsegg is famous for making wacky ideas work, but the fuel of volcanoes? Yes: as the hypercar firm doubles its size in the coming years, it plans to use the CO2 emitted by semi-active volcanoes to create the biofuel Vulcanol.


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