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Richard Branson’s speech on Brexit before spaceflight: “UK will join the EU!” | United Kingdom | New UK News

Sir Richard has worked for almost two decades to venture beyond Earth and has dreamed of the feat for much longer. Its subsidiary Virgin Galactic has long wanted to send paying passengers to the edge of space and aft. He succeeded on Sunday, beating fellow entrepreneur Jeff Bezos to the finish line, who will launch his own serve this week.

Shortly after the flight, Sir Richard tweeted, along with a photo of himself weightless: “Welcome to the dawn of a new space age.”

While Sir Richard rose to prominence over the years for building an empire with his ‘Virgin’ brand, the businessman attracted more publicity during the Brexit campaign and in the aftermath of the vote.

A mainstay of Camp Remain, Sir Richard has repeatedly warned that Britain will decline outside the EU.

The self-made billionaire has said he is ready to bet that eventually the tide will turn and the UK will join the bloc within the next ten years.

This, he said, would be done even without a second referendum being necessary.

He told the South China Morning Post in 2017: “I would be prepared to predict that if they continue without allowing a second referendum, within 10 years Britain will be back in the European Union.

“A lot of people my age will have passed away and young people will realize overwhelmingly what a mistake has been made and they will vote to join the European Union again.

“It’s just sad to see the damage that’s going to be done in the meantime.”

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“We will continue to invest in the UK, but we will not invest as much if Brexit continues.”

He claimed his businesses, from airlines to health and financial services, had lost about a third of their value in the year after Brexit.

Responding to Sir Richard’s various comments, a Virgin Group spokesperson previously told “Since 2015, Virgin Group has continued to invest significantly in its business in the UK and globally. .

‘Investments in the UK include £ 75million in Virgin Care, money that has gone directly to support frontline NHS services, paying the salaries of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals .

“Not a dime of profit has ever been taken out of the NHS, and it never will be. Significant support has also been given to Virgin StartUp, which is a non-profit organization, supporting more than 3 000 entrepreneurs in starting and scaling their businesses.

In addition, Virgin Group has committed $ 250m (£ 180m) to help Virgin businesses and protect jobs threatened by the global pandemic – much of this will be invested in UK companies such as Virgin Atlantic . “

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