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8. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Mentioning the word “jota” in the company of a well-read supercar aficionado will always produce a wobbly reaction. The first was the favorite project of Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace to increase the performance level of the legendary Miura and prepare the car for FIA sports car racing. There has only ever been one prototype built, and it was reduced to ashes before it could spawn a very special limited edition production run.

The Aventador SVJ is just the second Lamborghini since Wallace’s Miura to carry the “jota” nameplate (which means the suffix J). It is also a tribute to the very important and totally inimitable line of the business of big mid-engined, twelve-cylinder, harem-scarem supercars, which included the Diablo, Murcielago, Countach and Miura – and which should be transformed somewhat. with the replacement of the Aventador, since the company is about to change the recipe for its largest production supercar by adding electrification.

Tall, wide, heavy and extremely fast, it is a car requiring physical effort, physical compromise and a lot of commitment to drive to the max. A cramped and rather dated hut will first test your enthusiasm; after that, the violence of the car’s gear changes, the savagery of its outspoken demeanor and the intensity of concentration required to find the limit of its level of grip are your next challenges to overcome. Negotiate everything, however, and the Aventador SVJ gives a driving experience of almost unmatched rawness and attitude. The struggle for a fast lap is a more rewarding experience than you will find almost anywhere, in an age when going fast is getting easier.

Do you like your physically grueling and deliciously old-school thrills? This Lambo is in a league of one.

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