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James Shield’s Sheffield United Column – Gesture politics, restaurant scams and how some people betrayed their prejudices towards football fans UK News

After seeing people who wouldn’t know one end of a football pitch on the other posing as great supporters as England negotiated their way through the Euro, I suspected they would start to denigrate us once the tournament is over. proven.

Social media was inundated on Sunday evening with blowers and wipers criticizing some of the scenes we witnessed outside of Wembley before and after the Three Lions were hounded and hunted down by an Italian team with few obvious weaknesses. Yes, they were ashamed. But what really pissed off, maybe even more than the outcome of the game itself, was reading a lot of them and asking “What are you waiting for? The inference being that the same community they claimed to belong to when it suited – fandom – is populated by thugs dragging their fingers. How do they know that people pictured sniffing a few lines on the back of their match tickets or trying to storm the stadium gates hadn’t also jumped on the train when it appeared to be turbocharged before quickly jumping when running out of fuel? They don’t. But the fact that these “commentators” just assume they are, betrays their deeply ingrained prejudices towards anyone who has grown up – and I mean grown up – around the beautiful game.

Yes, some of the pathetic fanatics who have taken to Twitter to racially abuse members of Gareth Southgate’s squad have likely been lifelong followers of the sport. But I’ll bet all my winnings – after betting on the Azzurri a few months ago – that a lot of them aren’t. A couple probably spend their weekends drinking overpriced coffee in front of cafes that masquerade as bistros or mingling with Poundland millionaires at ‘authentic’ Mediterranean restaurants that use pesto ‘like Tesco likes it. do ”, not mom. Believe me, after inadvertently wandering around the kitchen of a well-known destination while grabbing a takeaway not too long ago, I know it happens. And they charge double what my old pal Ferdi will stick on your bill at his nice establishment near Meadowhead. He did not ask for this mention but certainly deserves it. Also, we haven’t spoken in a while, so if you’re reading, please take this sheet as an apology.

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Early next month, when Sheffield United return to the league after two years as a Premier League club, a suitable crowd should happily be there to welcome new manager Slavisa Jokanovic and his squad after social distancing restrictions eased. introduced at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether or not vaccine passports will be required to enter depends on who you ask. The picture, like the argument that this shameful proposal does not pose a threat to our civil liberties, is about as clear as the mud.

I’m still not sure if the end on the outside will be full either. Again, throughout the competition you get a different answer depending on who you ask the question and what day you ask the question.

Whether you are Covidient, Covidiot or like most of us if we’re being honest somewhere in between, there is simply no good reason that Birmingham City supporters should not be allowed to visit South Yorkshire. on August 7 or vice versa if the luminaire had fallen in the other direction. I have every right to travel to the Midlands and shop at the Bullring. If I lived in the Midlands, there is nothing in the rules that prevents me from doing the same in Meadowhall.

An English fan draped in a flag crosses Trafalgar Square, London, during the UEFA Euro 2020 final between Italy and England on Sunday July 11, 2021 (Victoria Jones / PA Via AP)
An English fan draped in a flag walks through Trafalgar Square, London, during the UEFA Euro 2020 final between Italy and England on Sunday July 11, 2021 (Victoria Jones / PA Via AP)

How many of those who crammed onto Wimbledon center court for the men’s and women’s finals lived a short drive from the All England Club? Probably not a lot. But then it’s not okay – and rightly so – to treat tennis fans like something you found deep in your Dunlops. Football fans? Well, it’s different. It’s quite normal – probably quite fashionable among some pretentious so-and-so – to see us as if we were a ****.

Speaking of social media – which is actually anything but – it leaves something to be desired that companies that boast of making billions want us to believe that they are incapable of stopping the abuses launched against Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka Sunday evening at the source. It also doesn’t do much for Big Tech’s desire to position itself as a responsible aggregator of the world’s topical content. We can send a spaceship to Mars or to the far reaches of the solar system. But they can’t stop some sad unbranded people sitting at home in their bedrooms from abusing typing on their computers or cellphones. Well, in fact, they could and would if it wasn’t going to cost them a few bucks and nibble on board stock options.

Make no mistake about it, just because these companies like to create a soft and cuddly image, …

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