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The NCAP crusade, the meanness of the careless automakers, the way Mosley forced their hand, all in the name of saving at least one life … Mosley is both serious and moralizing, while openly admitting a glaring contradiction according to which power was the real motivator that dominated his life. As the title suggests: it’s complicated.

One of the most fascinating aspects are the times he openly discusses his childhood as the son of British fascist leader Oswald Mosley and Nazi-sympathetic socialite Diana Mitford. He broods over the complex relationship he had with his father, a long shadow from which he could never “escape”. There are revealing footage of young college student Max beating protesters after his father was thrown to the ground at a political rally in 1962, for which he was charged and cleared after showing up. He justifies his actions, as he did with everything, with the clear and logical reasoning of his brilliant lawyer mind, which could have led him to real power as a government minister, had his parentage been different. He says it himself, and it is a difficult point to argue.

Instead, he found his place in auto racing, and the evocative records capture his enthusiastic (albeit limited) racing driver’s journey; to the co-founder of the upstart team March, which won three of its first four F1 races in 1970; disrupting the arch with like-minded comrade and friend Ecclestone; to the ultimate rebel figure who became established during his nearly 20-year reign at the FIA. It was the aftermath of Ayrton Senna’s death that set him on the path to saving lives on the road. When he turned to the auto industry for advice on how to fix F1 safety, he was appalled at what he found – or, more specifically, what he did. not done, in current norms and attitudes. The Rover 100 is not doing well.

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