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“Fire and rehire” battle must intensify amid efforts to make the work practice illegal UK News

One of the big puzzles emerging over the past year has been why, despite COVID, repeated lockdowns and growing self-isolation, recruitment agencies have rarely been busier.

Employment levels continue to rise and unemployment has – so far – not become the scourge many anticipated.

In theory, such a tight labor market should generate higher wages and wage costs for employers should rise. But, on the whole, they are not.

One explanation is that under the unique circumstances of the pandemic, employers have imposed new, less favorable conditions on their employees.

Many workers agree to new terms, knowing that if they don’t, they risk being made redundant or fired and then having to compete for jobs they have held for years – only with less pay and less. of benefits – a practice known as fire and rehire.

Employers argue that COVID has accelerated change in the workplace, which means they need new kinds of flexibility from the workforce – above work breaks or compensation. departure, for example – or they will close their doors.

In these difficult times, the alternatives, they say, are lower wages or fewer jobs.

TUC research suggests that nearly one in 10 workers have been asked to reapply for their job since the lockdown began in March 2020, with young people and minorities more likely than most to face the pressure.

FILE PHOTO: A British Airways plane walks past the tail fins of an aircraft parked near Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain March 14, 2020
BA has been accused of using the controversial tactic by cutting jobs during the pandemic

Major disputes have erupted among large employers such as British Airways and British Gas.

Amina Patel, an adult social worker in London’s Tower Hamlets, told me that for many of her colleagues, who are currently voting on a strike proposal on the issue, their anger is not just an issue. silver.

“It’s disrespectful. It makes you angry,” she said.

“The biggest betrayal was being fired and rehired at the height of the pandemic after …

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