British GP: why the clash between Hamilton and Verstappen was a racing incident Car News

In my opinion, this seems the definition of a racing incident: two drivers, both refusing to give way while pushing to the limit. Unfortunately, one driver suffered the brunt of the consequences – and the best news is that Verstappen is doing well.

What certainly didn’t help was the inflammatory rhetoric that followed the crash, especially from Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and chief advisor Helmut Marko.

While you can understand their anger, given that their driver was in the hospital and they had a wrecked car, the suggestion that Hamilton shouldn’t have attempted a move to Copse because it was so quick was particularly absurd, as are the calls for its ban. of a race.

More generally, some of the extreme reactions on social media – from supporters of both drivers – were also a concern. Hopefully everyone involved is working to bring the temperature down a bit.

Hamilton’s response

Red Bull’s anger was likely amplified by Hamilton’s retaliation for the win. It seemed unlikely at first, as the Briton couldn’t get past Leclerc, his 10-second penalty leaving him behind team-mate Valtteri Bottas and McLaren’s Lando Norris after the pit stops.

But then Hamilton threw a charge, sending Norris and cleared to pass Bottas before closing in on Leclerc.

There was a certain irony that Hamilton’s movement for victory had come to Copse, with him on the inside again. Leclerc chose to give Hamilton some space, couldn’t hold the corner on the outside line and wobbled widely, losing the advantage.

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