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The R1T will be the first Rivian to hit the road. This is a compact double cab pickup by American standards, so it’s about the size of most of the other pickups on this list. Rivian promises a range of between 300 from a 135 kWh battery pack, or 400 miles from a 180 kWh pack. A smaller pack with a 250 mile range is also coming.

The company says the R1T will be able to tow up to five tonnes, or about two Range Rovers. However, it positions itself more as an adventure vehicle than a work truck, and it is expected to only be designed to haul up to 800kg.

For now, prices start at $ 67,500 (£ 49,000). Compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning, it might seem expensive, but for Europe it would still be a good deal, especially when you learn that it doesn’t have one, or two, or even three, but four. engines for over 700 hp, 800 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds. Having four motors means torque vectoring to all four wheels, which should allow it to spin like a tank. This is quite the trick of the party.

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck

A year after the arrival of the Rivian R1T, it will be followed by an unusual but inevitable response from electric vehicle pioneer Tesla. The angular and allegedly bulletproof Cybertruck will have up to three electric motors and over 500 miles of range in its top-level finish, with a claimed towing capacity of over six tons and a cargo bay of the same size as that of a Ford F-150. Like Tesla’s other bigger models, the Cybertruck will run with height-adjustable air suspension.

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