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Weather in the UK: what is an extreme heat warning and what does it mean? | UK News

This week, the UK issued its first ever extreme heat warning.

While Britons expect hot, dry weather this time of year, the new warning system is designed to highlight the dangers of extreme heat as global temperatures rise.

Here, Sky News takes a look at what the new warning means.

What is an extreme heat warning?

Extreme heat warnings were introduced on June 1 by the National Severe Weather Warning Service (NSWWS), the part of the Met Office that focuses on the impact of severe weather.

They were brought in after consultations with Public Health England (PHE) and other UK health agencies to highlight the negative impact of the very hot weather on people’s health, daily lives and infrastructure.

As climate change causes an increase in global temperatures, government authorities wish to inform populations of the consequences on a daily basis to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint.

The NSWWS can issue two types of extreme heat warnings – orange and red – this is what they mean:


People most vulnerable to heat – such as children, the elderly and those with underlying conditions – could experience adverse effects on their health.

These are more likely to be associated with the lungs and the heart.

People’s work practices and daily routines may need to change to accommodate the hot weather.

Heat-sensitive infrastructure and equipment can fail, which could result in power outages and loss of other services for homes and businesses.

Some delays in road, rail and air transport can occur, with potential welfare issues for those stuck in long lines.

More people visiting the coast, lakes and rivers, which could lead to an increase water safety incidents.

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Long-term weather


Everyone is susceptible to adverse health effects, not just …

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