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Major events such as Premier League matches could be open to vaccinated only | UK News

Large events, such as Premier League matches, could be open only to fully vaccinated people from October under government plans.

Talks are underway with the premier league to discuss whether supporters who did not receive both shots could be banned from entry, according to the PA news agency.

The rule could also be used for lower divisions and other sports, as well as seated events with a capacity of over 20,000 people.

For events without a seat, such as concerts, the threshold could be as low as 5,000 attendees.

A government source said: “It is important that fans can continue to watch sporting events throughout the fall, which is why we are exploring the role that vaccines could play in this regard.

“This will not only keep the stadiums at full capacity, but will have the added benefit of getting people of all ages to get their jabs.”

It is not clear if a recent negative test could allow entry to football matches, but this has been ruled out for nightclubs.

Phantom Sports Secretary Jo Stevens said: “Insisting on vaccine passports less than a month before the start of the season will cause major disruption, especially for clubs at the bottom of the pyramid.

“The work made it clear that the use of COVID vaccination status alone will exclude those who cannot be vaccinated or who have not received the vaccine due to delays.

“Getting a double hit doesn’t prove you don’t have the virus.

“Site access testing would be more effective.”

The English Football League declined to comment, but it is understood that contingency plans are being discussed to deal with any changes in government policy.

The government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has previously said nightclubs could be “big-ticket events”, but it is not clear whether there are similar fears about football matches.

However, fans were heading to London during Euro 2020, and figures from Public Health Scotland showed nearly 1,300 coronavirus

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