Citroën DS electromod launched by British EV conversion company Car News

UK EV conversion specialist Electrogenic has revealed what it claims to be the first professionally converted electric Citroën DS.

The Oxfordshire-based company fitted the 1971 sedan with its own ‘Hyper9’ brushless electric motor in place of the original 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and paired it with a 48.5 kWh battery. capable of a range of around 140 miles.

A maximum charge rate of 29 kW allows a full charge in about two hours. Customers can also request an optional “range extender” battery that is good for over 200 miles.

The engine produces 120 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque – a significant improvement over the horsepower of the stock engine. Power is transmitted to the front wheels via the original manual gearbox.

Electrogenic also upgraded the DS’s signature self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension system, replacing the stock mechanical pump with a quiet electronic pump.

“As with all early conversions, the DS presented us with unique challenges, in this case adapting the hydropneumatic suspension to operate without a combustion engine,” said Electrogenic Director Ian Newstead. “The old pump was so loud that it interfered with the car’s quiet ride, but our new electric pump solved the problem completely.

The exterior of the car is largely unchanged, with the original fuel filler cap obscuring the charge port. The only visual clues are the removal of the tailpipes and a custom “DS EV Electronics” decal on the trunk.

Electrogenic specializes in custom electric vehicle conversions and has previously electrified the Triumph Stag and the Morgan 4/4. Customers can approach the company with their own vintage car or ask them to get one for them, with prices tailored to each project.

“With our conversions, the goal is always to improve the original characteristics of the car,” said co-founder Steve Drummond. “The Citroën DS was ideally suited for an electric conversion: the quiet powertrain adds to the serene driving experience and blends in perfectly with the character of the car.

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