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The European auto industry is still suffering from the impact of the pandemic and the semiconductor shortage, and growth has slowed recently, despite earlier signs of recovery.

There was a slight increase in sales of electric and plug-in hybrid cars in May 2021, and new car registrations were up 13% from the same period last year, according to the latest data from Jato Analytics. But demand is still far from pre-pandemic levels: the 1,268,683 vehicles registered in 26 European countries during the month were down 14% compared to June 2019.

The total volume for the first half of 2021 reached 6.41 million units, up 27% from 2020 but down 23% from the first half of 2019.

Jato said: “The conditions are not yet ideal and far from a full recovery. In the medium term, it is not clear whether or not the market will reach pre-Covid levels. “

Electrified cars (EVs and PHEVs) performed well, accounting for 18.5% of the market, up from 8.2% in June 2020. EVs totaled 126,000 units, while 104,000 PHEVs were sold during the same period. period.

Fiat, Tesla, Skoda, Volkswagen and Ford gained the largest market shares in the electric vehicle market, while Cupra, Jeep, Volkswagen, Renault and Seat recorded the highest market share gains in the electric vehicle market. rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles.

SUVs still dominate the overall market share, accounting for 44.2% of all sales, although this is slightly lower than the 44.6% figure released last month.

The market was also driven by strong demand for individual models, such as the Volkswagen Golf and, most notably, the Tesla Model 3, which increased by 262% compared to June 2020. The electric sedan also topped the EV rankings, while the Ford Kuga The PHEV retained its place as the best-selling PHEV.

Here are the best-selling cars in Europe in June 2021:

1 Volkswagen Golf 27 247, + 12%

The latest generation Volkswagen Golf arrived in Europe last summer. The Golf has always been one of the best-selling cars in the region, so it’s no surprise to see it at the top of the list again. The quintessential family sedan reclaimed the top spot in the 2008 Peugeot crossover. New variants, including the GTI Clubsport and the R, should help it consolidate its strong position in the months to come.

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