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Business Reporter: TBA Group: The Branding Experience and Live Event Experts

TBA Group has successfully developed its expertise in recent years as a creator of experiences in three areas of specialization: sports, brands and entertainment. And with our diverse and specialized knowledge, we know how to connect a brand with an audience – whether they are fans, colleagues, clients or consumers.


Our sports division is expert in creating exhilarating and memorable moments for fans that immerse the audience in the sporting event. Specializing in everything from brand activations and fan zones to bespoke sports hospitality and sponsorship activations, we work with some of the world’s leading sports brands and organizations including Formula 1, UEFA and World Rugby. .


TBA’s Branding Team combines audience insight, strategic thinking, and brilliant ideas to create engaging and powerful experiences, events, and communications that help build a deeper connection between a brand and its target audiences. From large-scale immersive activations of mainstream brands to strategic internal communications, TBA Group’s solutions connect people to brands in an exciting and transformative way.


Our award-winning entertainment division connects fans to large-scale public events, concerts and shows through spectacular productions. Time and time again, we conquer some of the most technically challenging creative briefs, producing the most spectacular live shows from ideas that might have seemed impossible.

The core tenet of our approach across all divisions is that we know it’s not just about creating those spectacular Instagrammable moments – it’s about making a connection. We pride ourselves on having the most connected team of specialists who create memorable, meaningful moments that leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to create brand advocates, not only through spectacular experiences, but by forming a deeper level of understanding, emotion and trust.

By harnessing the specialized knowledge of our world-class team of experts, we create memorable experiences that stand out. From creating an event for consumers or in-house staff to shutting down central London for a live sports performance, we know how to produce incredible moments that push the boundaries of what is possible. Our team works hard to understand our clients’ brands and bring them to life the right way. Create awesome moments while still remaining authentic to their brand and audience.

As experience makers, we are constantly innovating, adapting and evolving as the power and reach of virtual and hybrid live experiences continue to grow. Our clients are always looking for new ways to engage and communicate, and we work hard to make sure we can deliver them. We pride ourselves on our agility and ability to respond quickly to the world around us, not only through our technological innovations, but also through our beliefs and focus on sustainability.

We have turned the challenges of 2020 into opportunities for our group of agencies and our clients by adapting and innovating to accommodate different types of experiences. As industry leaders, we were one of the first agencies to adapt our expert offering to the virtual world, creating incredible moments that fully connected a global audience online. As we continue to evolve and grow with our clients, we will take advantage of our new virtual skills and the latest technologies and combine them with our love for incredible live experiences.

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