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Ferrari LaFerrari

Only the fastest, most expensive, and ridiculous cars need to apply to make our top ten hypercars list. Find out what we value best

The pinnacle of automotive performance and the world’s fastest, most expensive and powerful four-wheeler achievements are featured in our top ten hypercars.

If it recently set a production car speed record or took us into uncharted territory on showroom price or peak power output, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Some of the entrants to this class have state-of-the-art hybrid-electric powertrains, others just wildly fierce combustion engines ready to throw them halfway. But all are monuments to both science and the thrill of rock-solid speed.

1. Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari’s latest tree-top hypercar is nothing short of the biggest and most sensational top the performance car has ever reached. Powered by an incredible naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 and spine-tingling 789 hp assisted by 161 hp of electric power channeled directly to the rear wheels, LaFerrari’s powertrain makes an incredible 950 hp overall. While we’ve never had the chance to tie our timing gear to just one, Ferrari claims the car rushes to 62mph in just 2.4 seconds and 186mph in just 15 seconds.

And yet, despite its massive performance and mind-boggling mechanical complications, the LaFerrari has absurdly benign and actionable ways of handling limits that make it so much more accessible and exciting to drive on a circuit than you ever think.

Ferrari charged over £ 1million for each car. It made 500 in all, producing the last one in 2015, and has so far only succeeded with the FXXK track special and the LaFerrari Aperta convertible. The LaFerrari is a monument to all that Ferrari does uniquely well and remains our reigning hypercar flagship.

2. McLaren P1

McLaren Automotive’s first “Ultimate Series” car had to follow in the footsteps of the company’s legendary and famous F1 car, which single-handedly built a worldwide reputation. McLaren has resisted the temptation to make the P1 a modern facsimile of F1, however, instead of having a 903bhp hybrid-electric powertrain, two-seat interior, advanced suspension technology, lightweight construction and competition-grade aerodynamics to deliver the fastest, most focused and thrilling performance car imaginable, suitable for equally unprecedented thrills on the road and on the track.

The special sensations that the P1 evokes make it incredibly quick and determined and able to challenge and reward its driver at a level that only racing drivers normally experience. On the road, it’s surprisingly docile and manoeuvrable, although less exciting than what McLaren claimed to be. But nowhere in the world will you find a more technologically advanced, ruthlessly efficient or exquisite performance car than this.

3. McLaren Senna

When McLaren adopted the name of its most revered and tragically destined F1 racing driver to use as the model identity for its latest ‘ultimate series’ hypercar, great inspiration was taken in the world of motorsport. and in the automotive industry. Summoning the memory of a character as legendary and late as Ayrton Senna, then using it to do something as corporate as selling a new car – any car – might it sound like a good idea? Was Ayrton’s name really McLaren’s?

Chances are, you already have a strong opinion on this; and, for various reasons, depending on whether you like the idea or the flawless aesthetic of function on the form of this car. Don’t rule out the possibility that driving in the incredible Senna hypercar – the fastest, most advanced, exciting and useful legal track car its maker can create – could change your mind. .

The Senna is a car with truly amazing track capabilities. While it’s not the most powerful car to have done our dry handling circuit, it has such phenomenal grip reserves that it broke our dry handling lap record by a second and a half. when we tested it on the road in 2018. Developing some 800 kg of downforce at its peak, and with a V8 rumble of just under 800 horsepower, this is a car you’d expect to be a challenge. nerve-racking on the track, and nearly impossible to drive on the road. The simple fact is that neither is true.

The Senna takes care of you and continues to take care of you with its feedback, stability and handling, as you hit the types of speeds generally known for prototype racing machines. It is a physical test to be driven, but a supreme and unforgettable mental feast. And while it’s narrower and less usable than most hypercars its price tag, its commitment to going fast, doing two-and-a-half-mile circles, is quite spellbinding.

4. Lotus Evija

Electric hypercars will always be controversial when …

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