New Mercedes S-Class gets bulletproof version for £ 388,000 Car News

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is equipped with an armored version intended for heads of state and business leaders, with an explosion-proof and bulletproof body.

The S680 Guard 4Matic will start from € 457,100 (£ 387,600), with a choice of four or five seats. It is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine producing 612 hp and 612 lb-ft, and is the first Guard variant to have four-wheel drive.

It is classified at the “VR10” safety level, which is the highest possible rating for a civilian car.

Run-flat tires come standard for up to 29 km in the event of a puncture, and each model includes electromechanical doors and hydraulic windows, which can be closed quickly without electricity during an attack.

The car is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher system and an emergency fresh air system. Other Guard options include equipment for government authorities, such as a siren, flashing lights, radios and a panic alarm system.

The company claims the car can withstand fire from an assault rifle using armor-piercing ammunition and that it scored highest in three blast resistance tests, with maximum scores for roof, ground protection and side areas of the body.

The tests were performed using biofidel dummies, designed with bone density and structures modeled on the human skeleton, with acrylic ligaments and tendons. Tests did not record “no damage” to any of the dummies inside the car.

“This special protection model focuses on people and their safety,” said Dirk Fetzer, S-Class product manager.

“No other mass-produced sedan fulfills the highest protection class for civilian vehicles so thoroughly. And at the same time, quality and durability are standard for the series, thanks to development and maintenance activities. Extensive testing The new version of Special Protection “protects what matters,” Fetzer said.

Mercedes-Benz has been designing and building special protection vehicles since 1928, starting with the Nürburg 460 model. The new S680 Guard 4Matic will make its public debut at the Munich Motor Show in September this year.


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