Electric bike test: Ribble Hybrid AL and Full Loaded Edition Car News

The Ribble Hybrid AL e combines flair with the proven performance of a Ribble bike. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for believing this to be an unassisted bike, like the subtle nature of the motor and battery.

And with a weight of 12.5 kg, the ride is incredibly smooth and sometimes you forget you are riding an e-bike.

The motor engages quickly and quietly, enough to be a heartwarming reminder that the motor is on and running, but without the hum or noise of extreme engagement. The Hybrid AL e glides over the hills. The range of the battery is excellent; we did 50 miles on a single charge with most rides with the highest level of assistance without any issues. Even when the assist is off, the bike rides well too.

One-button electric motor operation is simple, using colors to guide you through levels of assistance. If there was one downside with this system, it would be the inability to select levels manually, rather than scaling to hit the desired target. The smart capabilities of the bike are enhanced when paired with the Ebikemotion app, which gives you all the ride information you are likely to need.

The elegant design of the Ebikemotion battery has one drawback: access for maintenance. Due to its position in the down tube, any work done on the battery requires removal of the crank and bottom bracket. For the most part, this isn’t a job you’ll want to do at home, so you’ll need to find a bike shop that can do this type of specialized work.

You might be wondering if the sparkling paint and polished composition mean form rather than function on the Hybrid AL e – it doesn’t. While the paint job on these bikes is spectacular, Ribble has managed to create a complete bike by focusing on its strengths and outsourcing the electrical system to a specialist company.

The e-bike performed very well in testing and is an ideal partner for UK roads and towpaths, whether for fun or commuting to work or shopping. You can even take the kids along, as there is room for child seats, making your walks a family affair.

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