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Fuel and wheels stolen from Gateshead and Newcastle as part of year-long ‘infringement campaign’ UK News

Three men were convicted of their involvement in a year-long “crime campaign” in which wheels and fuel were stolen from businesses in Gateshead and Newcastle.

A court heard that numerous business premises had been targeted in 11 separate incidents between May 2018 and May 2019.

Michael Graham admitted to eight offenses, Carl Foggo to six offenses and Tony Duff to three offenses.

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The three men have now been convicted of conspiracy to steal from Newcastle Crown Court.

Prosecutor Laura Miller said the thefts represented a total loss of more than £ 15,000 for businesses.

The offenses included:

  • A wheel stolen from a vehicle at Firebrick Brewery, Blaydon, June 30, 2018. Duff admitted his involvement in this incident

  • Numerous spare wheels were stolen during three trips to Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, Blaydon, in June and July 2018, resulting in a loss of £ 7,000 for the company. Fogg and Graham admitted their involvement

  • A spare tire stolen from a transit van at Simmer & Soak in Blaydon on July 7, 2018. Duff acknowledged his involvement

  • Fuel theft from three vehicles at Continental Wines & Food, Gateshead, September 19, 2018. Graham acknowledged his involvement

  • Graham being involved in the diesel siphon at Flogas, Blaydon on February 29, 2019. His blood was found at the entry point to the compound, the court heard

  • Foggo admitted to stealing car registration plates from Broadway Villas, Newcastle, between April 1 and 9, 2019. His fingerprints were found on the plates, recovered from a motor vehicle on May 9.

Michael graham
Michael graham

Foggo and Graham also admitted involvement in the SHB Hire fuel theft in Gateshead on May 9, 2019 after being seen on CCTV with large containers.

They were held by security guards and “smelled strongly of diesel,” the court said.

Industrial plastic containers were found during searches of their two homes.

Tony Cornberg, representing Duffy, said he was involved “on a limited number of occasions” and that his offense “ceased over two years ago”.

Andrew Walker, representing Graham, said he was now “drug free for some time”.

Tony duff
Tony duff

Glenn Gatland, representing Foggo, said he had “pleaded guilty a long time ago” and “has completely changed his life” since then.

Foggo, 31, of Swinley Gardens, Newcastle and Graham, 30, of The Briary, Throckley were both jailed for 18 months – but the sentence was suspended for 18 months.

Both were ordered to perform 20 days of rehabilitation activity and 150 hours of unpaid work.

Duff, 33, of Whitfield Road, Newcastle – was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He was also sentenced to six days of rehab activity and a three-month curfew under electronic surveillance.

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