New Honda NSX Type S is a 592bhp limited-draft swan song Car News

Honda has upped the power of the NSX to 592 hp for the limited-draft S-Type model which will serve as the “ultimate” version of the V6 hybrid supercar.

The 350 versions of the NSX Type S will be the last examples of the machine produced at the Honda USA plant in Marysville, Ohio, where the second-generation model has been built since its launch in 2015. It is sold under the Acura badge in America and is the third model in this range to acquire a Type S version.

The NSX Type S features a reworked exterior styling, including a revised front end with larger air intakes and a spoiler that generates downforce, and a new rear end with a larger diffuser to add extra depth. high speed stability. A carbon fiber roof is standard and there are new Type S badges, red styling accents, and the option of a new matte paint finish. Interior styling additions include Alcantara headliner and NSX and Type S logos embossed on the glove box and headrests.

The extra power produced by the 3.5-liter hybrid V6 over the 573 hp offered on the standard NSX was achieved through the installation of new fuel injectors, new intercoolers and new turbochargers from the NSX GT3 . These upgrades also increase torque from 16 lb-ft to 492 lb-ft.

NSX engineers improved the hybrid battery’s usable capacity by 20% and horsepower by 10%, and the nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission was retuned for better performance, with faster shifts and more aggressive demotions.

The gearbox also features a new quick downshift button that allows the driver to jump multiple gears by holding the downshift pedal down, and in Sport and Sport + modes, the clutch now engages 50% faster.

Honda says it has reworked the NSX Type S’s suspension to deliver increased performance and an “emotional connection.”

The NSX Type S is fitted with bespoke Pirelli P Zero tires with new lightweight alloys and uses standard Brembo brakes (six piston elements at the front, four pistons at the rear).

The new model will also be offered with a lightweight package, which adds a glossy carbon fiber engine cover, carbon-ceramic brakes and carbon fiber interior elements, reducing the car’s weight by 26.2 kg.

The NSX Type S starts at $ 171,495 (£ 124,000) in the United States, where 300 of the 350 units will be sold. It will not be offered for sale in the UK, with Honda withdrawing it by last year.


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