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Afghanistan: Fury as a silly student shows himself as RAF evacuates him from Kabul | United Kingdom | New UK News

People took to social media to express their sheer anger at the 21-year-old Loughborough University student who appears in a bulletproof jacket and headphones as he films himself among desperate Afghans who are rushed to find seats on the flights to escape the Taliban. Mr Routledge was called “selfish” and told to “stay there” by members of the public for visiting Afghanistan in the first place while others condemned the Birmingham student for “having took place “on the flight out of the country which could be” given to a woman or a child “as the thousands of men, women, children and performers who assisted the US and British military were left behind in the face of the mercy of the brutal Taliban.

Mr Routledge shared the video on his Facebook page to share the news that he had been evacuated from the country, he wrote: ‘I landed in Dubai thanks to the brilliant people in the British military. Everything is fine !

“I was evacuated at 4 am (it is now 2 am) along with a hundred other civilians, I could not send a message because there were cars emitting signals that would trigger bombs, that blocked my AirPods connection so I think it blocked all wifi / data.

“The Taliban let us through the airport and we met a lot of them, very long transition period but everyone was smiling and waving, some took selfies with them. I slept on a dirt road / gravel and I woke up as the cars passed We’re in a new, safe home and we’re all hydrated, happy, and ready for a few hours of sleep. “

Shortly after, he posted an update, adding: “On the flight we have no liquids at all, no razors and only 1 bag up to 10kg so everyone throws all her stuff in a pile People donate their items to each other because they can’t carry them.

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“Some guys stuffed my bulletproof vest and bag with protein bars, over 20. Very happy man (right now). Thanks guys.”

But his comments sparked a fierce backlash from Britons who cannot believe how reckless and senseless Mr Routledge’s behavior has been.

One person fumed: “So you took the seat on an evacuation flight of someone who is now left behind with their life in danger – well done, you must be so proud of yourself. “

While another raised a serious question, asking, “And to think of it, he took the place of an innocent Afghan woman. How will he EVER live with this fact? “

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And another person commenting on the video didn’t hold back either, they slammed: “Selfish actions, your seat on a return plane should have been given to an Afghan interpreter who now faces certain death.”

While a fourth slammed, “You’re an idiot. I would stay there if I were you. I think there are quite a few people here who would love to give you a hell of a good slap for being so thick !!! ”

The physics student who calls himself “Lord” landed in Afghanistan on Friday August 13 for what he called a “vacation” because he appreciates “dark” tourism.

The fury grew further among the student after the news that around 56,000 people were to be evacuated from Afghanistan to Western countries.

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It comes as the UK evacuation operation is overseen by members of the Army’s 16th Air Assault Brigade working with RAF pilots and using British bases, including Brize Norton in the Oxfordshire.

According to Sky News, a total of 370 people were repatriated on Monday and the day before.

The Taliban have made slight progress in the country in recent months as Afghan leaders and the military fled their posts as the Taliban gradually regained control after 20 years of Western intervention in the country.

On Monday evening, amid chaotic scenes at Kabul airport as thousands of desperate Afghans try to flee the country, President Biden took no responsibility for the chaos and blamed the country’s collapse on the president Ashraf Ghani and the Afghan army who he said “didn’t want to fight for their future.”

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