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Jeremy Clarkson stunned as his son’s teacher appears in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire UK News

A stunned Jeremy Clarkson told his son’s former teacher he now understands why he “improved his A levels” as the scholar struggled over Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Saturday.

The former Top Gear host had just watched fellow teacher Glen Bunn from Durham earn £ 125,000 as he sat across from him on the famous show, when he welcomed six new prospects into the studio, all of them with the aim of landing in the hot seat with an opportunity to make a lot of money.

One of them was teacher Mindy Dhanda, who won her chance after being the fastest finger first on a question about romantic comedies.

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As Mindy sat across from Jeremy, the presenter started to read some information about her before stopping and saying, “I just saw in your notes that you are a chemistry teacher who taught chemistry. to my son.”

Jeremy then said to Mindy, “Well, I’ll try to disturb you less than he was then.”

Mindy replied, “He was excellent,” to which Jeremy then joked, “You just say that to get yourself a favor!”

Mindy did a light job of the first questions on the likes of ‘counting sheep’, ‘skeletons in the cupboards’ and Back to the Future before asking her lifeline of 50.50 on a question about the Olympics from London 2012.

Jeremy Clarkson stunned as his son's teacher appears in Millionaire
Mindy Dhanda and Jeremy Clarkson

After resisting various opportunities to set a safety net amount, Mindy ultimately chose to earn her £ 64,000 before having to use Phone a Friend to find the answer to a question about art in order to reach that amount.

Her historian friend and fellow teacher Julian told her “he wasn’t sure,” forcing Mindy to use another Phone A Friend to call another colleague, Richard.

Richard was also baffled by the question, which prompted Jeremy to comment, “I’m starting to understand now why my son has increased his A-Levels. None of you know anything!”

After Mindy used her last lifeline – Ask the Host – Jeremy also told her he had no idea, which led to Mindy taking £ 32,000.

Annoyingly, Mindy then guessed the correct answer that would have cost her up to £ 64,000 at the end of the show and the ongoing series.

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