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How is your knowledge of Genesis? No, not that one. Hyundai’s little chic.

I ask because if you already know a little, get ready to learn more, even if the first group of cars of the new brand have barely arrived.

This week, the firm announced its second electric vehicle and its first based on a bespoke EV platform, called the Genesis GV60.

With that comes what appears to be an update to the brand’s design language – as it is unlike any of the other Genesis models that have barely been released. And that also brings an update to the naming strategy.

Basically, the G stands for Genesis and the V stands for Versatile, which means it’s a crossover or SUV, but not a station wagon, although they are also quite versatile. But the brand’s only station wagon is called Genesis G70 Shooting Brake.

Then there’s the numbering system, which I think I’ll just hand over to them to explain, “Genesis is evolving its model naming scheme based on the unique design identity of ‘Athletic Elegance’ emphasizing on athletics with lower figures and elegance with higher figures. “

I do not know. I am sorry. Maybe it always means that the bigger the size, the bigger the number – that the athleticism is small and the stylish is big? But what if they make a big nimble car or a very luxurious and stylish small? No idea.

It’s as confusing as Audi’s latest digital system – which, if you remember, now refers to power output rather than any capacity, but also doesn’t relate in any way. linear to hp or kW (“30” is for models from 107 hp to 127 hp, ’70’ is for cars over 592 hp).

Still, given that the GV60 isn’t even on the Genesis website yet, it’s too early to care. So I’m going to start trying to follow Hyundai’s latest model naming scheme again, as introduced by the new Ioniq 5. (There will soon be a 6.)

Basically, the 5 is from the same company as the Genesis, is based on the same fundamentals as the GV60, and has a new design language that looks better than the chic model, and has a more understandable name. Unless they feel and drive a distinctly different way, to make you want the chic, Genesis scheduled maintenance – where they pick up the car and drop it off – will have a lot of work to do.

Either way, more news and reviews of the Genesis model rollout in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to tell you about it. Thank you, as always, for supporting Autocar. Goodbye.

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This notice was published: 2021-08-20 13:27:15

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