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A MOTHER was “disgusted” to discover chicken wings she had ordered from Domino’s because her children were covered in fly eggs.

Kat Lecheminant-Pay had ordered food from the London Road, Brighton branch on Monday afternoon to please her two young sons.

The family, who live in Hanover, had just finished eating their pizzas and were ready to eat a side of chicken when Kat opened the box and saw some fly eggs.

The Argus: Kat said she felt "sick" after seeing fly eggs on chicken wingsKat said she felt ‘sick’ after seeing fly eggs on chicken wings

Takeaway giant Domino’s said it was “investigating the problem” and apologized to the family.

Kat said, “We’ve slipped into the pizza and we usually eat the quarters and the chicken wings last.

“I opened the chicken wings and that’s where I saw it.

“I know what fly eggs look like. I had a cat that left his food all the time and if the flies went there they lay eggs and that’s how I know.

Argus: Domino's says yes "investigate"Domino’s says he’s “investigating”

“I put the kite back in the box and felt so sick.

“Everything is done to be fresh, but you never know. I am a bit worried.”

Kat says she immediately called the restaurant, but was left ‘speechless’ when offered another box of wings in compensation for the £ 45 order.

The Argus: Kat with her sons Riley and LeightonKat with her sons Riley and Leighton

The 31-year-old said: “I was asked if I wanted a fee, which of course I didn’t.”

“How long has this hen been left out to allow flies to lay on it?”

“I requested a refund, but I still haven’t received it.”

Kat says she’s grateful that neither Leighton, eight, nor Riley, nine, ate the wings and got sick.

She added that the situation would have been made even more difficult as Leighton, who is autistic, struggles to understand the disease.

She said: “My kids could have been really sick with food poisoning or whatever. It’s just not turned on.

“I have an eight year old child with autism and every time he gets sick that’s it. It’s like an operation to make sure he’s okay and explain to him what happened.

“He would have panicked if he had fallen ill while eating the chicken.”

Kat says she placed the wings in a container labeled “do not eat” and intends to keep them so the case can be “properly investigated.”

In a statement, Domino’s told The Argus it takes food quality and safety “extremely seriously.”

A spokesperson said: “The London Road store in Brighton has a fantastic track record with five stars from the latest Food Standards Agency review and excellent reviews on all pest control reviews over the past three months.

“We are currently investigating the issue, however, in the meantime we have apologized to the client for the distress caused and will keep her informed to ensure that she feels reassured enough to give us another chance at it. to come up.”

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