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Swarm technology connecting entire fleets of cars sharing data via the cloud to warn of danger and road and local weather conditions has been under study for decades and is still being researched, but with connectivity and 5G should be much more achievable than the need for huge infrastructure changes. So will the integration of the car with the Internet of Things (the connection of things through the Internet) – connecting cars to other connected technologies of an owner, for example, or to a house.

Smart factories – in which machines and processes are digitally linked, allow close tracking of tasks, and have the ability to self-optimize the way they do things – are already becoming a major trend in all industries. industries and will continue to evolve based on the Internet of Things. Additive technology (3D printing) is a digital technology and its use by manufacturers to manufacture all types of components is growing.

Inevitably, digital technology overlaps with retail and the field is wide open for the next app that makes buying a car easier. The digital age and in particular the power of mobile digital tools now means that the whole process of finding the price, proposing a bid and closing the deal on a new car can be done during coffee stops. while traveling by car.

A 2020 McKinsey report titled A Future Beyond Brick and Mortar: Disruption in Automotive Retail predicts changes in the auto industry, with the roles of automakers and its retail network changing dramatically. It also identifies different groups of customers ranging from traditionalists, who outsource their entire transaction to a reseller, to those who focus more on the Internet.

The opportunity to develop digital tools goes well beyond the simple purchase online. For example, as consumers look more to online resources to make a decision, the majority still want access to metal before taking the plunge. This is where a concession or an evolution of it comes in.

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