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Penalty points explained: from how to check your license to how many points you get for speeding UK News

Millions of drivers in the UK have penalty points on their driving license.

Penalty points can have a significant impact on your driving, from more expensive insurance to the possibility of a ban, so it’s important to understand the rules around them.

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To help drivers understand the topic, Vanarama analyzed Google search data to find and answer the six most frequently asked questions about points.

1. How do you check the points on your license? (118,800 searches per year)

All you need is your driver’s license number, national insurance number, and zip code. You can then check your driving record, your penalty points or create a license “verification code” to share your driving record with someone, which you may need to do when renting a car. .

2. How long do the points stay on your license? (97,200 searches)

Some drivers need an “fit to drive” authorization from their doctor in order to renew their license.

Points remain on your driving record for four to 11 years, depending on the severity of the offense. However, your points will not affect you negatively during the entire penalty period. This is because your points are only “valid” for part of the full approval period. For example, a four-year rider is valid for three years.

When the points are “valid”, they can be used in court and counted when counting your total points, to see if your license should be suspended or revoked. So, if you are caught committing another offense within the last year of a pre-existing rider, the court will not take these older (invalid) points into account when calculating your total. However, all points should always be taken seriously, as they can be seen by future employers and insurance companies.

3. How many points for speeding? (52,800 searches)

All speeding offenses carry penalty points, but depending on the seriousness of the crime, you will be classified into one of three categories:

  • Band A – three points
  • Group B – Four to six points, seven to 28 days driving ban
  • Band C – six points, seven to 56 days driving ban

Banding works as follows:

4. Are there any loopholes for speeding tickets? (12,000 searches)

No, however, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland you might have the option of taking a speed awareness course instead of scoring points. The device allows motorists who have committed minor offenses to improve their behavior. However, you will only have quality if:

  • You have not taken a speed awareness course in the past three years
  • You have been caught driving above 10% + 2mph, but below 10% + 9mph – for example on a 30mph road it means between 35mph and 42mph.

Speed ​​awareness courses are not offered in Scotland.

5. Do you have to inform the insurer of the points right away? (7,080 searches)

This differs depending on your insurance policy, which you will need to check. While most insurers require you to report points received while you were covered by them at the time of renewal, some state in their terms that you must tell them as soon as you receive the conviction. Failure to do so is illegal.

6. Can you pay to withdraw points from your driver’s license? (1,680 searches)

No, you cannot pay. You must wait for the points to expire (a minimum of four years), then the driver and vehicle licensing agency will automatically remove them.

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