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Cornwall Covid Panics As Newquay Becomes ‘Pandemic Capital’ After Increase in Stays | United Kingdom | New UK News

Restrictions on international travel have caused an increase in stays, with the South West of England being a popular destination. Newquay contains three of the areas with the highest case rates in England; Newquay East, Newquay West and St Columb Minor.

Andrew George, the Liberal Democrat health representative in Cornwall, warned the NHS was facing a “collapse” in the country.

Health officials have linked nearly 5,000 cases of the coronavirus to the Boardmasters festival, which took place in Newquay earlier this month.

About three-quarters of those who tested positive were between 16 and 21 years old.

Cornwall’s tourism chiefs are urging holidaymakers not to visit the country unless they have booked in advance and can pass the Covid tests.

Malcolm Bell, Managing Director of Visit Cornwall, said: “We ask people not to come unless they have booked in advance and ask them to take a lateral flow test before, during and after their stay in order so people can be safe and help us manage at peak power.

“We ask visitors to consider visiting other parts of Cornwall. We have over 300 beaches and beautiful parts that can accommodate visitors.

He added that tourists should “triple their efforts as much as possible” in washing their hands and maintaining social distances.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mr George, a Liberal Democrat adviser, warned that Cornwall’s NHS was in “collapse”.

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Several bars and cafes in Newquay have been forced to close after staff members contracted coronavirus.

Louis Gardner, mayor of Newquay, blamed the peak in Covid on the increase in visitors.

He said: “We are seeing a peak in Cornwall because we have the most visitors we have ever had.

“Our accommodation is at 100% of its capacity, our reception areas are full, there is no social distance in place.

“I think all of these factors, all added together, are having an effect. It’s a perfect storm.

However, Rachel Wigglesworth, Cornwall’s director of public health, told The Guardian she expects cases in Newquay to decline.

She added: “How far they go is another matter.

“It is a very popular tourist area; it continues to be an attractive place for people to spend time.

“We want this to continue, but doing it a little more responsibly is welcome. “

As of Thursday, another 140 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test were reported across the UK.

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