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Instagram Disabled Troll’s Account After Love Island Star Lillie Haynes Said To Kill Himself UK News

Instagram has taken action against a troll who sent a series of vile messages to Love Island’s Lillie Haynes, disabling her account.

South Shields reality TV star Lillie revealed on Thursday that an Instagram user told her to kill herself which filled her inbox with a torrent of abuse.

The 22-year-old shared the posts on her Instagram story, with one reading: “You’re nothing but a toxic piece of shit with grimy eyebrows and a grimy personality and you’re gonna better dead. “

In an equally despicable tone, another read: “Absolutely ugly bitch, you got nothing for yourself.”

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The Instagram user then told her to “watch her”, before writing: “kill yourself already”.

Lillie gave the troll a provocative response, telling them to threaten someone you’ve never met absolutely blows me away. “

Love Island's Lillie Haynes Told Her To Kill Herself By An Instagram Troll As She Delivers Provocative Response
Love Island’s Lillie Haynes Told Her To Kill Herself By An Instagram Troll As She Delivers Provocative Response

Now Instagram have been in contact with ChronicleLive to confirm that the person responsible has deactivated his account.

They told us, “Abusing and threatening others is wrong, and we don’t want it on Instagram. We understand how painful it must have been for Lillie to receive these messages, and we have disabled the account that sent them for breaking our rules.

“We encourage anyone who experiences such MDs to report them so that we can take action and use the features we have developed to help protect people from abuse.

“These include limits, which hide comments and private messages during unwanted attention spikes, and hidden words, which allow you to filter abusive words, phrases and emojis from your comments and private messages, so that you never have to see them. “

Lillie was only on Love Island for five days, but made a lasting impact in no time.

Approaching future winner Liam Reardon at Casa Amor, only to have him return alone to the main villa, Lillie then spilled the bean about them kissing and sharing a bed with her now. girlfriend Millie, sending shock waves through the villa.

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