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The Bryant Plus 8 was a factory order in 1977, when Grahame purchased the car with the express intention of driving it. It still features the factory-fitted roll bar and was a winner this summer. In 1985, the year of Olly’s birth, Grahame lined up on the starting grid for the inaugural race of the new Morgan Challenge.

And to mark the 70th anniversary of the organizing Morgan Sports Car Club, the car was on display last winter at the company’s workshops in Malvern.

Now in its 37th season, the Morgan Challenge continues to progress. Going forward, the accelerated abandonment of new gasoline road cars will be a challenge in terms of new car offering, but the series continues to offer competitive, friendly and accessible racing for the many fans of this. 110 – one year old mark.

How it works: Extreme E hydrogen fuel cell chargers

Greenland will host the third round of the Extreme E offroad racing series this weekend. To avoid the use of diesel generators, the Spark Odyssey 21 series electric SUVs are charged and powered by a fuel cell system. hydrogen fuel cell manufactured by AFC Energy.

The system is installed on site 10 full days before the race weekend to give it time to generate the 0.9 MW to 1.2 MW of hydrogen energy required by the nine cars, via a combination of electrolysis and solar collection. The system is made up of four main components: the fuel production element, an alkaline fuel cell, a battery storage unit, and the 40 kW charger itself. The energy generated is stored in low pressure metal hydride cylinders and then injected into cars via the battery storage unit.

Each Odyssey 21 requires two full loads of 55 kWh for each of its two runs per day, and it takes them an hour and a half to go from minimum load to maximum load.

Motorsport greats: Michael Schumacher

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