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Lotus Evora production has ended, which means the used picks are all that’s left. Get one before the prices skyrocket

Production of Evora came to an end this year as Lotus paved the way for a new family of sports cars. The mid-engined two-seater (two rear seats were optional) was launched in 2009. The Evora was powered by a Toyota 3.5-liter V6 developing 276 hp, and a supercharged Evora S arrived the following year with 345 ch. Both models can reach 62 mph in less than five seconds. The S is more desirable, but the real appeal of the Evora is not in its straightforward performance, which is solid, but in its steering, handling and handling.

Evora prices start at around £ 25,000 for 276bhp cars. Our find is an example from 2010 with 39,000 miles. Its Aquamarine paintwork shines and its black leather interior doesn’t look marked, but what really catches the eye are the seven Bell & Colvill stamps in the service book, plus one from Lotus Silverstone, which at 35 000 miles, gave the car a major overhaul. The owner then broke the cycle by having the 40,000 mile maintenance done by an independent.

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By the way, nothing wrong with independents, many of whom have more experience with older cars and employ manufacturer-trained technicians, but breaking the cycle is a disgrace and probably hasn’t saved much. money to the owner. Either way, it’s a detail that is easily remedied with a homecoming next time around. After all, it’s worth obsessing a little bit about cars like the Evora.

If we were serious, we would check the clutch operation, the condition of the exhaust brackets and that it was not systematically over-revving. The gear changes can be the gear shift cables, which can stretch. The spaces between the panels must be regular.

Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Break SE auto, £ 2,100: Worried about the build quality of Mercedes? Don’t be. This 2010 C-Class C-Class wagon with 170,000 miles balances it for us with eight Mercedes dealer stamps in the service book. It won’t impress Mayor Khan, but we’ll take 45 mpg and a low price any day.

Fiat Barchetta 1.7, £ 4,999: The 1995-2005 Barchetta was a decidedly Italian sports car, even in its uncompromising left-hand drive. Our spot is an example from 1998 with 57,000 miles, all fresh from a private collection. Check for rust as if your life depended on it.

Renault Twingo Renaultsport 133 Cup, £ 3,995: We just published a buying guide on Renualt’s Firecracker, but when this version of the 46,000-mile stripped-down Coupe crossed our radar, we had to give the model another run. “One of the most entertaining steers on the market, for any money,” we said when it launched.

Audi RS4 Avant, £ 15,000: “No offers” is not the most welcoming way to advertise. This 2007 RS4 has covered 91,000 miles but has a new clutch, flywheel and Pilot Sport 4s. The Dynamic Ride Control system has been revised to the tune of £ 3,000 and has a solid Audi history.

Auction watch

Volvo C70 2.0T Convertible

We hope the person who bought this 2002 45,000 mile C70 Convertible appreciates it. The sole proprietorship is a beautiful car in an attractive color and has a full history, largely that of the main Volvo dealer. The hammer fell to £ 7,900. That sounds strong for a C70, a sentiment which was confirmed when we found a nice 2003 2.0T with 54,000 miles for £ 3,500, less than half the hammer price of the other car. It also has an owner and a full service history (17 stamps), although it is not clear if these are all primary dealers. Inconvenience? It was retirees’ gold.

Future classic

Range Rover Evoque 2.0 Si4 Dynamic Lux Cabriolet, £ 38,995: No excuse to gift another condom – after all, it’s that time of year. The open-top Evoque was built for just 12 months before Range Rover boxed the model’s three-door body. Diesels are reasonably plentiful, but we focused on this rarer, more expensive gasoline – a 2018 standard with 10,000 miles. You’ll hate the dismal economy and the nearly £ 40,000 price tag, not to mention the absurdity of driving an SUV without a roof, but one day it will be a much admired curiosity.

The shock of classifieds

Short: Can £ 16,000 buy me an EV with bearable range?

Volkswagen e-Golf, £ 14,590

BMW i3 range extender, £ 13,495

Jack Warrick: For once, I’m going with a safe option. The e-Golf is an excellent electric car, offering comfort levels of one of the best family sedans of its time and a range of 144 miles. Others will go further on a single charge, but what more do you need to get the player to work?

Felix Page: Granted, even with its sneaky gasoline-powered range extender, my i3 launch spec can only crack around 120 miles between the spark plugs and the pumps, but it’s a much more futuristic and better-resolved urban EV than Golf. Stick on a personalized plate and it will look brand new.

JW: A shiny-looking exterior can’t save you from that shameful combination of brown upholstery and wood-effect interior trims. The i3 is a tech festival, but in this color scheme it looks like a 1950s model …

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