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A man visiting his family’s grave at Yardley Cemetery in Birmingham was shocked after spotting human remains strewn across open ground. The man then contacted his local MP Jess Phillips to complain, in the latest grim discovery caused by badgers at the cemetery.

Michael Saunders, 62, whose family grave is in Yardley, described the discovery of bones above the ground as distressing.

The Solihull College professor is so concerned about future unrest that he will not lay the ashes of his mother, who died three months ago, in the family grave.

He said, “It’s horrible. I brought the issue to light a year ago, but it has now taken it to another level.

“The badgers have now dug so deep that they are uprooting the bones. There are bones strewn on the floor, even joints.

“Obviously the coffins have degraded, but they are hitting the bones. “

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Mr Saunders said the “appalling” scenes needed to be addressed.

He told the point of sale: “It’s very painful. I would like the sett to be relocated.

“The cemetery staff are aware and I have contacted my local MP Jess Phillips.

There is more than one sett in the cemetery, although the largest is close to the adjoining crematorium.

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As the badger population has grown, the concern of mourners about the damage done has increased.

But since badgers are strictly protected by law, their homes can only be disturbed if the circumstances are exceptional.

Birmingham City Council confirmed that the badgers caused “significant damage” to part of the 64-acre site, which was at risk of collapsing to the ground.

Earlier in 2021, the Birmingham Mail reported that graves were collapsing at the cemetery.


Gillian Evans, who spoke to the Birmingham Mail earlier in 2021, had her mother, father and brother buried in the cemetery.

She said: “Last year our family grave was dug by these animals. I had to get hold of a strong fence and three bags of stones to prevent them from digging the grave.

“I was informed at the time that a license to have them withdrawn had been refused and another would be submitted at a later date.

“Obviously nothing was done to fix the problem other than the duct tape placed around the area.

“My family and I find it very distressing. Every time we visit the grave there seems to be more and more destruction by badgers.

“The last response I received was that nothing was going to be done about it in the near future.

“I’m in absolute distress about this as I don’t want to visit the grave and find any remains being exhumed.

“This situation requires urgent attention before further damage and tearing is sustained.”

Labor MP Ms Phillips called the situation “grim” and expressed sympathy for the grieving families.

She said, “I feel for the board because it’s a complicated issue, but there has to be some sort of resolution, there has to be some kind of natural resolution.

“Members of my own family are in this cemetery. It is painful for those who have witnessed this.

“I was made aware of the situation in January and at the time there was talk of erecting badger barriers.

“The reality is that there is very little in law that the board can do about badgers.”

Additional reports by Mike Lockley

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