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Gateshead’s dad bombed his ex-partner’s family on Facebook in an attempt to see his daughter UK News

A father from Gateshead faces jail for harassing his ex-partner’s boyfriend and family with Facebook messages in an attempt to see his daughter.

Paul Reay, 23, was called a “serial perpetrator” in court for his refusal to comply with a 10-year restraining order requiring him to leave his ex-partner alone.

Magistrates heard that Reay, of Brandon Gardens, Beacon Lough, attempted to circumvent the restraining order by not contacting the woman directly.

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Rather, he targeted messages on his relatives – all of which were forwarded to him – between Monday August 16 and Sunday August 22.

At least one included a threat to damage a gymnasium in Ryton, Gateshead, linked to a relative, South Tyneside magistrates have heard.

Reay, who at the time was given a suspended sentence for misdemeanors in a previous order, pleaded guilty to the latest offense – and could be jailed for at least a year.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck told the hearing that the woman’s new partner received a Facebook message from a friend of Reay at 5:13 p.m. on August 16.

In it, he said Reay wanted a photo of his daughter, whom he had not had contact with for two years, spreading fear in his ex, Ms Beck said.

Other social media posts followed over the next few days, leading the woman to tell police in a statement, “He continues to text people who contacted me, making threats.

“I’m at the end of my rope, his behavior can’t last any longer. He doesn’t intend to let me go on with my life.

“We broke up four years ago. I constantly live in fear. It sends a message to everyone around me.

On Saturday, August 21, he sent the woman’s father-in-law a message in which he threatened to “tear to pieces” a gymnasium in which he was involved.

The court heard that Reay was jailed for eight weeks, suspended for 12 months, in July after admitting to breaking the order.

It was imposed by a Newcastle Crown Court judge in August 2019 and lasts until 2029.

Ms Beck added: “He used the complainant’s partner and family members to contact her. He’s a serial author. “

Defense attorney John Williams said the restraining order allowed Reay to see his daughter through her mother, the designated third-party contact.

But he said she no longer wanted to mediate, which meant Reay had lost touch with the child.

Mr Williams added: “The context is just that he was not allowed access to his daughter, that’s what it’s all about.

“There were attempts to make contact, but nothing was done.

“This year he was informed by his mother that she no longer wanted to participate. Unfortunately, he made the wrong decision.

“He didn’t contact her directly, he tried to get other people. It is indirect contact, but it is a violation of the order. He accepts that custody is inevitable today.

Magistrates declined to convict Reay after hearing the violation started with 12 months in prison.

Instead, they sent him for treatment at Newcastle Crown Court on Wednesday 22 September.

There were no requests for bail and Reay was remanded in custody.

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