Steve Cropley: A week of favorites with Alpine, Morgan and Williams Car News


Only the most irrational optimists would think so, but today’s news that July car sales fell another 38% due to the chip shortage makes me suspect that a wonderful recovery has to happen. I mean, there is already a large post-pandemic increase in demand for new cars (partly fueled by must-haves like you and me), but now the supply is even more limited; it was the worst July since 1954. Good, nearly new cars are quickly cleaned in replacement of new ones, which can only mean that there will be a record-breaking run for the new metal when the brakes come off, as they go. eventually must. It seems to me that every branch of the auto trade will deserve many days in the sun just to be successful in staying in business.


There are very few more enjoyable life experiences than a visit to Morgan Motor Co, as I discovered for the umpteenth time on a mission this week to see the debut of the new 3 Wheeler. If I tell you that 30,000 people visit each year, sometimes arriving in full wagons and paying £ 20 per person for a factory tour, it probably gives the wrong impression. There is an intimacy and an appreciation for simple motoring fun at Morgan that makes it simply magical. They started organizing monthly weekend get-togethers for the enthusiast (bring an interesting car of all kinds, have a coffee, walk around, chat) and I can hardly think of a more welcoming destination.

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