Exclusive: First Look at the All-New Morgan 3 Wheeler 2022 Car News

Historically, the 3 Wheeler was Morgan’s bestseller, and even the 2011 model matched four-wheel sales for a while.

“Around 2012, we were selling 28 cars a week in total,” Morris said. “We think the new model could help us match or even beat those numbers.”

Morgan doesn’t want to “clean up” the visceral driving experience of the 3 Wheeler: the 2022 car’s footprint is “virtually identical” to that of the outgoing model, its cockpit is just as open, and it has the same reduced road presence. However, the cockpit is wider and it has a lower floor which allows better access and better accommodation for taller and wider drivers.

Many details, such as the main design elements of the instrument and fascia, lean heavily on the most popular features of the outgoing model.

Morgan Design Manager Jon Wells is well aware that 3 Wheeler owners “do amazing things” with their cars, including long distance trips and expeditions. The new model will therefore respond more effectively, with convenient mounting brackets for racks, cameras, lights and a variety of windshields. A “wide” range of luggage racks, mirrors, suitcases and saddlebags will also be offered as an option.

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