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Kate Garraway Details Extreme Effects of Long Covid on Husband Derek UK News

Kate Garraway has revealed the extreme impact Covid still has on her husband Derek Draper, 18 months after contracting the virus for the first time.

Former political aide Derek was hospitalized after contracting coronavirus last March and, after his condition worsened, he was placed in an induced coma.

Derek remained in hospital and in a coma for months, with Kate and the couple’s children unable to see him as the country was on lockdown and visitors to wards were banned.

As ITV viewers saw in Good Morning Britain host’s heartbreaking documentary Finding Derek, once he was aware Kate had to rely on FaceTime to communicate with Derek while he stayed in. a hospital bed, with heartbreaking scenes seeing him in tears and saying he couldn’t go on.

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Derek finally returned home in April but, while delighted to be reunited with him with his family, Kate warned that there was still a long way to go for all of them.

And, speaking in Thursday’s GMB, she explained how Derek still is affected by his battle with Covid.

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As Dr Hilary Jones appeared by video call to discuss plans for vulnerable people to receive a third vaccine this fall, Kate told him: “People who have had it mildly have started to argue that it is the same as the flu, because it is devastating for people too.

“But it’s very different because the flu doesn’t cause you that degree of organ damage. Even when you look at some of the symptoms that people who have been twice vaccinated suffer, it’s fatigue.

Kate Garraway details extreme effects of long Covid on her husband
Kate Garraway details extreme effects of long Covid on her husband

“No fatigue, I thought it was just being tired of getting up early in the morning. You know all about fatigue as a GP Hilary, but Derek’s fatigue, I know he’s an extreme case because he has multiple organ problems; Derek sleeps 20 hours a day. “

For more details, Kate added: “He has windows of about 10 minutes and he doesn’t just feel a little tired; he’s turning white, pale and it’s like everything is stopping.

“So you don’t want that kind of fatigue, even excluding all the other things that people suffer from with the long Covid as well. “

Message Kate, a GMB viewer tweeted: “Still a long way to go, but sending huge virtual hugs. Better Derek improving slowly because his body obviously needs it. Sometimes if you rush things, it can be worse .. .. take care of yourself, Kate and her family. “

Moved by what they heard, a second replied: “This is really sad news, I feel it for this woman! It is heartbreaking for Kate and her children. I send you my love Kate. You are unbelievable.”

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