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Mum of three outraged after spending over £ 240 on school uniforms – with more to buy UK News

The cost of school uniforms was once again in the spotlight after a mother of three had to spend £ 242 outfitting her children.

Jennifer Gilmour, mom of 11, nine and five, explained her eldest, Sophie, would be starting high school – and with her two other kids in elementary school, she says she had still a lot to buy.

Sophie, Riley and Robin’s mother wants changes implemented so that parents who send their children to school don’t have to spend a fortune over summer vacation on school supplies, Hull Live reports.

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She said: “We recognize that there is a cost to sending children back to school, but it is the price to pay.

“It seems like this is a way for schools to make more money. I find the problem particularly problematic with high school. There are no budget alternatives to branded uniforms, you can’t. therefore no alternatives can be found in supermarkets, etc.

“I have already spent £ 242 and haven’t finished buying. I paid £ 60 for three pairs of shoes. Our oldest child is starting high school and for him alone I spent £ 120.

“Why can’t we use our own blazers and print the school badge on the top. Some schools also have their own house, so you need to have a specific color tie. It is also the fact that this purchase takes place during summer vacation too. “

According to the high school website, Jennifer’s daughter, Sophie, is to wear a solid white loose shirt, a black blazer with the school logo on it, a house tie to wear with six visible stripes, or solid black pants all over. the length and high waist, or a plain black skirt with the knee flared, pleated or in line, as well as shoes in plain black leather or in polished leather.

The total cost of her daily uniform would be £ 88.97 – if the skirt and pants are purchased and a single pack of twin shirts.

In addition, she will also need an interior and exterior PE kit consisting of:

  • Royal blue polo shirt with school logo or house colors – between £ 17.99 and £ 20.55
  • White socks – price not indicated
  • High School Hoodie – £ 21.99 – £ 25.99
  • Royal blue shorts – £ 6.50
  • Royal blue socks – £ 5.50 a pair
  • Tracksuit bottoms – price not indicated
  • Football boots – price not indicated
  • Coaches are not listed but would be required for indoor sport.

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Jennifer added that she ran a parenting group in Cheshire, where parents said Hull’s prices were cheap compared to their £ 1,000 spending on uniforms.

The mother and activist recently shared her frustration on Twitter where she got a response from Labor MP Emma Hardy.

On Twitter, she said: “£ 242 off school uniforms for three children and I still haven’t bought two ‘dress skirts’, a pack of shirts and a school sweater.

“Yes it’s for three kids but still after summer vacation. @EmmaHardyMP # BacktoSchool2021.”

Jennifer's daughter Sophie starts high school in September - but her uniform is expensive
Jennifer’s daughter Sophie starts high school in September – but her uniform is expensive

Emma Hardy responded and said: “It’s always too expensive. There’s Re: Uniform to help out locally.”

Jennifer said she now donates all old uniforms that no longer fit her children to Sainsbury’s Bank for other students to have.

Jennifer added: “There should be more flexibility when it comes to uniforms and parents should be able to do things with them from home.

“Like I said, we can wear our own blazers etc. I can pass store bought blazers to my kids, but it’s still ridiculous.”

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