New vs used: Volkswagen ID 3 vs Jaguar I-Pace Car News

Under power, it is generally responsive at low speeds, and it is always quick when accelerating on the freeway. Even with so many more electric rivals today than three years ago, the I-Pace is committed to driving in a way that so many electric vehicles just aren’t.

With just over half the I-Pace’s peak horsepower but nine-tenths of its weight, the rear-drive single-engine ID 3 doesn’t hit as hard at full power. While dynamically competent and flawless, it’s a bit soulless to drive by comparison.

Both cars have a pleasantly quiet ride, but the Jaguar is the smoothest and most tightly controlled where air suspension is installed (steel coils come standard and are much more likely to feature on lower trim cars) .

Since it’s smaller and has a tighter turning radius, the ID 3 is slightly the more maneuverable car.

With plenty of space for children and teenagers in the back and a medium-sized trunk, the ID 3 would therefore make a very good second car; but the I-Pace is a true adult-sized four-seater, with cargo space for long journeys and transporting bicycles and strollers.

It also has a luxury car interior richness and a lot of exterior design quality, while the cabin quality of the ID 3 looks cheap and unconvincing for almost £ 40,000, and its exterior design is quirky but awkward in places.

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