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THE WEATHER this summer may not have lived up to our expectations, but our magnificent marine life certainly provided some must-see spots for sailors in Sussex.

Dolphins, seals and even a whale have been sighted off the county’s coast so far this year.

The incredible animals had watchers scurrying around for their phones and cameras to capture the moment, and many submitted their images to the Sussex Dolphin Project – an organization that aims to “inspire and engage the local community to learn more about the incredible marine life off the Sussex coast ”.

And in recent weeks, the organization has seen a sharp increase in sightings of bottlenose dolphins.

Thea Taylor, head of the Sussex Dolphin Project, said the increase in sightings could be due to the warmer water near the shore at this time of year.

She said: “We have had some wonderful sightings over the past week around Brighton and Hove beaches, especially around the piers.

“We expect to see dolphins closer to shore at this time of year, as the water warms and their prey settles in.

“Dolphins follow their prey and therefore we have the perfect opportunity to see them from land.

“We saw incredible footage of dolphins hunting very close to Hove Beach on Thursday, and we expect them to stay closer to shore in September.

“So please keep your eyes peeled and report any sightings to the Sussex Dolphin Project. ”

Maryna Ivani, who was on her birthday kayaking trip on Tuesday, was joined by two dolphins just off the west pier.

The playful pair could be seen jumping out of the water and putting on a truly spectacular spectacle for the spectators.

Footage taken by Kai Richens, who was on board the lifeguard patrol boat, shows the same dolphins heading from West Pier to Brighton Palace Pier.

On Thursday morning, Florence Sava spotted two dolphins very close to shore on the Hove waterfront.

Hours later, a pod of dolphins joined the rescue team during their training session near the west pier.

The Brighton Swimming Club swimmers were also joined by two dolphins near the pier that same morning.

Lynette Slight, a club member from near Elm Grove, said she had never seen dolphins in Brighton before and described it as “a magical morning”.

The Dolphin Project offers boat trips to the people of Brighton to give them the opportunity to experience and hopefully see some of the amazing marine life that lives on the Sussex coast.

Cruises also offer guests a ‘unique view’ of Brighton seafront as the sun sets behind the West Pier and the i360.

All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Sussex Dolphin Project.

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