Former Aston Martin designer in charge of Dacia’s future Car News

Not that it will be an easy ride, of course. Designing Aston’s first SUV to appeal to customers, critics and business leaders was always going to be a difficult task, but approving the designs of affordable, everyday models that would sell around the world by the hundreds of thousands? “It’s a little intimidating,” he admits. “But it’s pretty funny. You realize how you design (your methodology and your thinking), you apply it whether it costs € 15,000 or € 150,000. Design thinking is the same.

In another stroke of luck, Dacia is on track with development work on its own crucial new SUV, the Bigster, which will spearhead the brand’s historic entry into the formidable C-SUV segment, facing formidable rivals like the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Kodiaq. . The production car is almost approved, so Nürnberger’s work will revolve more around “details, workmanship and quality” in the run-up to its launch, but this will still set the tone for its approach to inject a bit of visual flair in future Dacia models. The cars will be different, to avoid what Nürnberger calls a “Russian doll” product line, but the core Dacia design attributes will continue to set them apart from its Renault (or even Lada) counterpart. “There is a spirit of adventure, of authenticity, of simplicity, of intelligent reflection. Value for money is more a branding matter, but it’s also a way of thinking, ”he says.

The Jogger, which shared a first public stage with Nürnberger at the Munich Motor Show earlier this month, was designed with a strong emphasis on usability and functionality, but that doesn’t mean it ‘it lacks remarkable qualities. “The minute I saw [the Jogger], I immediately saw a feeling of the outdoors. You can imagine just throwing a bike in the back. And guess what? It’s also great value for money, ”he beams.

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