Gasoline shortage: how panic buying cripples Britain Business

Why is there a shortage of gasoline?

A shortage of truck drivers forced BP and Tesco to cut fuel deliveries and close a small number of service stations last week because they could not fully supply all sites.

This sparked fears of shortages among motorists and led to long queues outside many gas stations.

In reality, there is no shortage of fuel, but there are difficulties in transporting it due to a lack of truck drivers – a problem made worse by panic buying.

Edmund King, chairman of the AA, blamed the shortages over the weekend on panic buying rather than supply problems.

Why are some gas stations closing?

While there may not be a fuel shortage at suppliers, the difficulties of transporting fuel and the rush to panic buying have left many pumps running dry.

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents nearly 5,500 independent outlets, says panic buying causes “very serious problems,” with about two-thirds of its members saying they have run out of fuel and the rest of them say. ‘between them’ partly dry and short of fuel. soon”.

Which courtyards still have fuel?

The best way to find out if a gas station near you is still open is to check online, with local news and social media providing updates on the most frequented places.

However, this contributes to the problem, says Petrol Retailers Association president Brian Madderson.

“Unfortunately, the messages I get this morning from our retailers are that panic buying continues,” he told the BBC.

“One of the reasons for this is social media. As soon as the tanker arrives at a gas station, people on social media report that a tanker has arrived and it’s like bees. in a jar of honey. Everyone flocked there and in a few hours is out again. “

Another tactic is to choose a gas station that has introduced rationing. Although you can only buy a limited amount of fuel, there is less risk of empty pumps.

EG Group, which owns nearly 400 service stations, is applying a limit of £ 30 to ensure they can ‘keep running properly’.

during this time The telegraph understands that tankers are being diverted from commercial fleets to forecourt in order to alleviate the shortage.

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