Boris Johnson challenges Jeff Bezos over Amazon tax in New York meeting Business

“Good exchange of ideas on climate change with a lot of passion for preserving and restoring the natural world,” Mr Bezos wrote on Instagram.

“There could also have been a side conversation about who’s better – Asimov or Clarke. The meeting was useful and pleasant.

Mr Bezos’ girlfriend, TV presenter Lauren Sanchez, also attended the meeting at the British diplomatic residence in New York. Mr Bezos stepped down as chief executive of Amazon this summer, but remains executive chairman.

Downing Street said Mr Johnson also welcomed the Earth Fund’s commitment to spend $ 1 billion in grants this year, focused on conservation efforts.

“They discussed the upcoming COP26 summit and agreed that there was an urgent need to mobilize more public and private money to help developing countries protect biodiversity, notably through the LEAF Coalition. [a consortium of governments and companies including the UK and Amazon focused on protecting forests]”said the spokesperson.

“The Prime Minister welcomed the Bezos Earth Fund’s commitment, announced tonight, to donate $ 1 billion to protect forests and remove carbon from the air. The Prime Minister and Mr Bezos have agreed to work together to see what more could be done in the run-up to and at COP26. “

The G7 countries agreed this summer to move forward with new rules to force large companies to pay more taxes in their main trading markets. However, there are concerns that Amazon will pay, as its profit margins are often lower than the 10% agreed by the G7.

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