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Christmas Turkey Panic Shopping Rising ‘Rapidly’, Supermarket Says – Over 400% Increase | United Kingdom | New UK News

Despite Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s promise that Christmas will not be canceled, anxious shoppers have started to panic by buying turkeys. Sales of frozen turkeys have increased by more than 400% from a year ago, supermarket chain Iceland said.

In September 2021, Iceland revealed that sales of the frozen Christmas staple had increased 409% from the same month a year earlier, causing customers to become “concerned about the food supply “.

Richard Harrow, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation, said that during the pandemic some customers have “permanently converted” to buy frozen food.

Continuing, he said frozen food had grown “rapidly” during the Covid pandemic.

“That, combined with current concerns about the food supply, means many people will be going frozen this Christmas,” he said.

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“If you look across Poland, the United States, other countries, there are driver shortages – this is due to a series of factors.”

Meanwhile, it follows the Prime Minister’s failure to rule out food shortages that would last until Christmas.

Mr Johnson said Britain was going through a “period of adjustment” to secure higher wages for British workers, he said on Sunday on the first day of the Conservative Party’s conference in Manchester.

“We are going to see a period in which the world economy, especially the UK economy due to the speed of the recovery, is absorbing demand very quickly,” the Prime Minister said when asked if food shortages could be expected at Christmas.

However, Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, said the empty shelves cannot be blamed on the government.

She denied that the government could be held “responsible for what is in the stores,” according to the Telegraph.

“I don’t believe in a command and control economy, so I don’t think the prime minister is responsible for what is in stores,” she said.

“That’s why we have a free enterprise economy, I’m sure the goods will be delivered to our stores.”

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