Mazda is preparing its own version of the Toyota Yaris hybrid Car News

Mazda is preparing to offer a version of the new Toyota Yaris hybrid supermini in Europe in 2022, potentially replacing the current Mazda 2.

The two Japanese automakers have a long-standing technical partnership that includes working on future electric vehicles.

In a presentation accompanying its 2020 financial results, Mazda explained how it intends to use its partnerships with other manufacturers to improve and develop its range. This includes a plan to offer an “OEM supplied model based on Yaris THS [Toyota Hybrid System]In Europe by the end of 2022, and a Yaris prototype has now been spotted at a Mazda plant in Europe with its badges hidden, suggesting a reveal is imminent.

It is likely that the model will be built for Mazda by Toyota, possibly alongside the Yaris at its plant in northern France. Having a hybrid-powered hatchback would help Mazda meet its EU CO2 emissions target. It would also benefit Toyota, as the two companies have formed a pool of manufacturers to share their fleet goals.

Mazda’s Yaris-based model would potentially replace the current 2, which has been on sale since 2014 and does not feature a hybrid powertrain, although it is possible that the two hatchbacks will be offered side-by-side for a limited time.

With Toyota producing the model for Mazda, it is unlikely that the latter company’s innovative compression-ignition gasoline engines will be offered.

In a statement to Autocar in 2020, Mazda said, “We continue our multi-solution approach that delivers appropriate solutions to match the energy mix, uniqueness and customer needs in each country and region.

“As one of the multi-solution measures, we have concluded that HRT is the optimal solution to meet the needs and requirements of each region.

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