Middlesbrough FC manager Neil Warnock’s transfer priority in the international break Yorkshire News

Middlesbrough FC boss Neil Warnock

His Boro team headed to the international break following a 2-0 championship loss at Hull, and the loss was compounded by the sight of key central midfielder Dael Fry leaving the fray late with injury, with the Tigers scoring. two goals in his absence.

Also defender Grant Hall was also unavailable for the game in Hull after suffering a thigh problem in training on Friday, while Lee Peltier got a fifth warning of the season at MKM Stadium, excluding him from the next game. Boro at home with Peterborough United. October 16th.

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With Anfernee Dijksteel and Darnell Fisher also injured, Boro’s options at the rear are fading, while signing summer midfielder Martin Payero has also been struggling with injury issues since his arrival, with Marcus Browne also sidelined.

Warnock, who has been linked to a move by former Burnley player Robbie Brady, has two slots left to fill his 25-man championship squad and says the club, delivered by him, is looking for free agent options.

Championship clubs can only enter 25 players over the age of 21 into their rosters. Loan players or players under the age of 21 do not count towards that limit.

Warnock, who named only six alternates at Hull, said: “I have two slots on the team, so if we put someone over 21 (on the bench), that takes up a higher slot. There could still be free transfers that Kieran is considering.

“If we could bring one or two, we could do it, but it’s not easy.

“We’re looking at players that are out of contract that haven’t been fixed yet. The problem with that is that they’ll be fit enough to come in and start from day one. It’s a catch-22, really. I’m not sure.” . what we will come up with, but we will have to come up with something in the two weeks we have.

“It’s not easy to see if any of the injured guys will go back to Peterborough and the guys will go to their international game. If Paddy (McNair) comes back and gets injured, then we’re ‘cracked.’

“He looks very gloomy about injuries, but I will come up with something for the next game. I don’t think there are too many U-23s that he can bring in, though.”

On the situation with Fry and Hall, he added: “His arm was broken in his face, which unfortunately no one saw. The referee was in a bad position and the fourth official saw him, I’m sure.

“I thought it could easily have been a red card, having seen it. He got up too quickly and tried to make a tackle and pulled on his stomach or groin and couldn’t move after that.

“By Monday, we should have an idea. Knowing our luck, it will be three months.”

And about Hall, he added: “A ball hit him and he reacted fast and I think he tore a muscle in his thigh or something. That was in the last minute of the training session (on Friday).”

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